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Friday, 6 January 2017

Charlie and Lola: But excuse ME THAT is my book

Based on the original Charlie and Lola stories, characters by Lauren Child

Text based on script written by Bridget Hurst and Carole Noble
Illustrations from the TV animation produced by Tiger Aspect
Puffin Books, 2013 edition 

I think this book might have originally come home via school as part of a in
itiative. Although this book grates on you as a parent if you read it too much, as the stubborn Lola wanting -to-borrow-her-favourite-book-from-the -library tantrum is a bit longwinded, it is a good book to pre-empt any preschooler's trip to the library. The book reminds us what it's like in the library, in 
that we should be quiet, and also reminds us that borrowing all manner of books on all manner of subjects is a possibility. The usual Charlie and Lola 'innocence of a child' humour is there, with Lola proclaiming her undying love for the book 'Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies' only to very quickly change her mind in favour of 'Cheetahs and Chimpanzees' . The characteristic different size and angled text compositions on each page are there, making this a nice book for those learning to read to follow with their finger. The usual vibrant multi layer graphics are there also, making this very much a ' Charlie and Lola' book, but with the added disclaimer that yes, Lola is just that bit more irritating rather than 'sweet' compared to normal. 

This is a good book, and useful as a precursor to a library trip but not essential for the home bookcase. 

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