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Monday, 2 January 2017

Usborne Young Readers: Stories of Dragons

Author: Christopher Rawson

Publisher: Usborne 

I remember having a version of this book with these same cartoony illustrations by Stephen Cartwright, as a child.  The series is designed 'for readers who have just started reading alone' but these are really interesting stories to be read out aloud to children too. Chapter 3 is especially engaging as it seems to be based on the story of the Lambton Worm. We 

happened to be in the vicinity of Penshaw Monument in Sunderland today, so reread the children chapter three 'The Wicked Worm' and then completed The National Trust Lambton Worm Walk
 The well where Tom ( the boy) throws the worm away, it then grows into a huge teeth bearing wicked worm which attacks the villagers, is known locally as 'Ella's Well'. The children enjoyed bringing the story to life following the trail and seeing the real well and spot where 'Tom' went fishing. 
The book also contains short stories about Stan, a man who outwits dragons with brains rather than brawn, and Victor, a man who falls into a dragon's den and persuades them not to eat him. 
The book is the perfect read for 4-6 year olds, at which point it's an easy read from them to be tackling on their own. These are stories that really stay in the memory and spark the imagination and can be supported with an active walk - brilliant! 

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